Lab Report Format


General Chemistry R. M. Deeley

It is important that you understand the purpose of the lab, how a problem can be tested, and how to record and interpret results.

Laboratory exercises are not optional. If a student misses a lab, he/she will be required to make up the lab at the teacherís convenience.

Title of Lab

Date(s) of the Experiment

Your Name and the Date of Report

(List your partnersí names.)

Purpose/Introduction: Give the background for the experiment. Describe what you already know from reading in your text or other literature or the handout for your experiment. In a sentence or two, describe/explain what youíre going to try to find out. State a hypothesis clearly stated in terms of independent and dependent variables.

Methods/Materials: Usually a clear, concise REPEATABLE description of method and materials is given. You may list materials. For these experiments, you are given a procedure. Do not copy the procedure. In a paragraph, SUMMARIZE the method. Include the main steps. Provide sample calculations.

Results: Data and data analysis is placed in results. Data should be presented in chart or graph form. All charts and graphs must have a title. Columns and rows of charts should be labeled. Axes of graphs should be labeled and units given in the label (e.g., Time minutes). Any data manipulation, such as equations or calculations, should be included and explained briefly. Discussion of results is a concise interpretation of the results. If you present a chart, explain the results. If you include a graph, interpret the findings.

Conclusions: Summarize and explain the main findings of the lab. Use your introduction and your charts and graphs to help explain your results. If you did not get anticipated results, identify possible sources of error and/or explain why you think you got those results. There are specific questions in the lab handouts. Answer those questions in this section. If your results do not support your hypothesis, propose a new hypothesis.

LAB REPORTS SHOULD BE TYPED. Graphs may be done by hand. Labs are PLEDGED.

LAB REPORTS ARE DUE 4 SCHOOL DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE CONCLUSION OF THE LAB. For example, if a lab is started on a Monday, completed on Tuesday, the lab report is due the following Monday. Exceptions to this policy will be announced at the onset of the lab procedure. Lab reports may be turned in early. Late reports will lose a letter grade/day.